Preschool children have been to school before so the main focus will be different.  We will still do all the "fun stuff" that our Nursery group is doing, but the curriculum will be sharpened and will spend more time fine tuning our study of the basics.  Preschool children that come to our five day program will model our Greenwood Lake Elementary School.  We will introduce "specials" into our days to get them ready for Kindergarten.  Both Donna and I are in contact with our Kindergarten teachers (who are wonderful by the way) and have made every effort to incorporate their suggestions and ideas so that when your child leaves our program, they will be confident and maturing Kindergarten students.


$140 per month, 3 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, yearly fee $1400
$200 per month, 3 hours Monday through Friday, yearly fee $2000