At the Backpack Club we understand that a three year old student learns and develops at a completely different pace than a five year old student.  That is why we do not believe in mixing our classes.  All of our classes will be interactive in a developmentally appropriate setting in which children will work individually and in cooperative groups.  Our curriculum will be "hands on" because we understand that young children learn the most through hands on experiences.  Small class size incorporates one-on-one table time.  Academic, social and life skills are taught in an intimate and small group format.  Outdoor play which exercises gross motor skills includes putting focus on self help tactics including how to put on and zipper our own coats.  While most of our curriculum topics will be similar between the Nursery and Preschool, the focus will be dramatically different.  Finally, being respectful, flexible and using proper manners are important to us and we will utilize these in our daily schedule.


$115 per month, 2 1/2 hours on Tuesday and Thursday, yearly fee $1150